Are you a Carer?

Do you look after a loved one or friend? Do you care for someone on a regular basis? Do you have a child or young adult with special needs? Or do you know friends who do?

Being a Carer can put you under pressure financially, affect your health, leave you socially isolated and be emotionally draining.

Trying to juggle the responsibilities with work and home life can be stressful and sometimes make it hard to cope.

Many Carers are ‘hidden’ in our community and receive very little help or support to assist them in their caring role.

Carers Matter is a charity working in the Southern Health Trust area and which aims to support Carers with a listening ear, provide practical information and advice about the areas of need that are most worrying to Carers.

We are available to talk to you on our helpline 028 4062 7581, or can call with you at your home to help you identify the help you need to make life easier to carry on caring.

We can offer advice on your Rights as Carers to Statutory help and benefits you may be able to receive and signpost you to other organisations that offer specific help for your needs. A number of Support Groups meet in your area where you can drop-in or make an appointment to talk to one of our Outreach Workers. We also offer training and expert advice on Direct Payments, Financial Assistance and Wellbeing.

It’s a free service to Carers and open to all, so if you or someone you know are feeling the strain of Caring, or you are just starting to care for someone, phone us today for a chat. If we know your issues, we can also speak on your behalf and bring the needs for Carers to the attention of Statutory Bodies.

So call us today on 028 4062 7581 or email

Please pass this article on to anyone that you feel could do with a little extra support. We are here to help.

There are a number of support groups and outreach sessions across the southern area.  Please contact Carers Matter to find out more.