Welcome from the chairman and committee

The Richmount Rural Community Association was founded to enhance the facilities for the entire rural community of the greater Richmount area.  The central hub of the area at Scotch Street has seen a substantial number of new homes created in the past few years and the Association aims to facilitate this growth whilst at the same time trying to ensure the needs of the more widely dispersed rural community are also given due recognition.

One of the main aims of the Association is to preserve the rich rural culture of having good neighbours and mutual respect for each other. We aim to promote activities which can enrich the lives of those living in our community and it is our Association's desire to be inclusive of all the people in our community.

Our level of activity has been unprecedented over the last 5 years and we  have achieved some noteworthy successes and many accolades. The delivery of our future development plan will largely depend on volunteers who will make themselves available to run events and services. Our development plan has been formulated, but  as part of this plan we would really wish to be able to facilitate meaningful services for the more senior members of our community, who often suffer from social isolation and loneliness in a rural environment. There are those in our community who are vulnerable or disadvantaged or come from a different country and who now form an important part of our rural economy. To all these people we wish to extend the hand of friendship and inclusion in our community.We also wish to cater for the more junior members of our community and develop a comprehensive child care strategy the area. Suggestions for other activities in the community are most welcome.

We would also ask you if
 you can help us in any way as we can only deliver services with your help.

            Please contact any member of the committee.  
          Joe Garvey, chairperson